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How To Create a Quiz on facebook

Create Quiz on Facebook have become quite the phenomena. You can find out just about anything about yourself from what kind of candy you would be if you were a candy to what your dream job is. It is easy to make one of your own Facebook quizzes to send to your friends with these easy steps.

  1. Write up your quiz questions and answers. You can write them on paper or into your word processing program on your computer. You can also make it up as you go along while your on one of the Facebook quiz making applications. (See step 2 for how to find quiz making applications.)
  2. Do a search for quiz applications on Facebook. In the upper right hand corner of your Facebook home page, there should be a place to do a search. Type in 'make a quiz' to start the search.
  3. Pick one of the quiz applications. Usually the application that has the most users will be the easiest to use or have the best features.
  4. Add the quiz maker application by clicking the 'add' button next to where it says 'add this application?' or 'do you want to add this application?'.
  5. Go through the quiz making steps. Make sure that you have several answers to choose from for each question you write. Your quiz takers will enjoy having a lot of choices and they will feel like the quiz is more credible and interesting.
  6. If your quiz starts with "What kind of...." or "What is your..." or some other title which implies that they will find out something about themselves, then make sure you have five or more possible outcomes. Once your friends start comparing answers, they don't want to find out that they are all Jimi Hendrix for the What '60's Rock Icon Are You? quiz or that they are all the same flavor of ice cream.
  7. Remember to add pictures. When the quiz results show up on your friends' home pages, the pictures make everything more fun and interesting.
  8. Save your quiz, then use the 'send this quiz to my friends' feature which your quiz making application should have.
    So easy.... 

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