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How to upload your photo on facebook

How to upload your photo on facebook - Upload photos to facebook is very easy. Just follow the ways that i will give bellow :

  1. Log in to your facebook account.
  2. Click profile, and then click the menu "Photos"
  3. Click on an album that you've made. if not click + create a photo album
  4. Fill box album name, Location, and privacy ( who can see the photos they will be ) then click the button for an album.
  5. Will display the page, such as the image below
  6. Click "browse.." and then select photo or image you want to upload on facebook.
  7. Check approval " I certify that I have the right to distribute these photos and that they do not violate the Terms of Us"
  8. Click Upload Photos. Wait until the process of uploading a photos finish. Do not close your browser during upload process took place.
  9. Then pres the "save changes" where previously you could add a description in the photo they will be if you want.
  10. Finish... Your photo success to upload on facebook.

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