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What is facebook ?

Facebook is social networking website that was popular. It is can connect us with friends, family, and business associations. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 and originally called thefacebook. It is quickly successful. Zuckerberg enlisted two other students, Duston Moskovitz and chris Hughes, to assist.
In August 2005 thefacebook was renamed Facebook. At that times, it was only available to school, university, and companies within English countries, but has since expanded to include anyone.

Facebook users create profile page that shows their friends and network information about themselves. The profile typically includes the following : Information, Status, Photo, Friends, Friends in other network, Notes, Group, and Wall. A popular feature on facebook is the ability to share photograph uploaded from phone, camera, or computer.
Facebook had redesign in late 2008, intended to streamline the website and make it easier to see what friends were doing. In 2010, Facebook redesign become easier to use but more cool.

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